ID Protein Name Function 1 Function 2 Species Name
353glycyl-tRNA synthetaseglycyl-tRNA synthetase, catalyze the formation of glycyl-tRNAGly as a substrate for ribosomal protein synthesis, P41250 (SYG_HUMAN), ATP + glycine + tRNA(Gly) => AMP + diphosphate + glycyl-tRNA(Gly) AND P1,P(4)-bis(5'-guanosyl) tetraphosphate + H2O => GTP + GMPbinds to NEDD8, E1, and E2 (Ubc12) in neddylation pathway, binds the APPBP1 subunit of E1 and captures and protects (like a chaperone) activated E2 (NEDD8-conjugated Ubc12) before the activated E2 reaches a downstream targetHomo sapiens (human)