Protein Information

General Information
MoonProt ID13
First appeared in release1.0
Name(s)Alcohol dehydrogenase ADH1 Alcohol dehydrogenase 1 40 kDa allergen Allergen Can a 1 Allergen Can a I Allergen = Cand a 1 Gene Name: ADH1
UniProt IDP43067 (ADH1_CANAX), Reviewed
GO termsGO:0055114 oxidation-reduction process GO:0004022 alcohol dehydrogenase (NAD) activity GO:0008270 zinc ion binding GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity GO:0046872 metal ion binding GO:0005737 cytoplasm
Organisms for which functions have been demonstratedCandida albicans
Sequence length350
Structure Information
PDB IDClosest homologue in PDB is from S. cerevisiae with 73% amino acid sequence identity
Quaternary structure
Function 1
Function descriptionAlcohol dehydrogenase (ADH1), enzyme An alcohol + NAD+ => an aldehyde or ketone + NADH.
References for function
E.C. numberEC=
Location of functional site(s)
Cellular location of functioncytoplasm
Function 2
Function descriptionbinds plasminogen from humans
References for functionCrowe, J.D. et al. (2003) Candida albicans binds human plasminogen: identification of eight plasminogen-binding proteins. Mol. Microbiol. 47, 1637-51. PMID: 12622818
E.C. numberN/A
Location of functional site(s)
Cellular location of functioncell surface